Including all technical costs, (with one of the above partners) a small scale recording (recital of vocalists or instrumentalists) starts at approximately £20,000 (depending on exchange rates, slightly under $36,000) from recording to finished master tape. (not including VAT) Exclusive of technical costs, fees start at £5000 per CD.

Larger projects are scaled project by project and of course, Michael Haas is also available as an independent producer on recordings with pre-set technical teams. To engage Michael Haas for other activities other than recording production, an entirely different fee structure is negotiated based on the merits of the individual project.


List of Fees

  • Executive production (start at 5000)
  • Recording supervision (start at 5000)
  • Recording co-ordination (start at 3000)
  • Co-ordination of technical services (start at 1500)
  • Co-ordination of editorial services (start at 1000)
  • Co-ordination of product management (start at 1500)
  • A&R Consultancy (start at 1000, min hourly rate of 100)
  • Technology Consultancy (start at 1000, min hourly rate of 100)
  • Editorial (start at 300)
  • Programme notes (start at 300)
  • Translations (start at 500)
  • Speaking, lectures and seminars (start at 2000)
  • Project management (start at 2000)
  • Exhibition Curation (start at 25000)